Friday, July 25, 2008

Letter from Harman Representative

Posted with permission from Charlie Page:

Dear Harman Customer,

The demand for Harman pellet and wood stoves over the last three months in the Northeast has been overwhelming. The reality is that this demand is greater than plant capacity.

The company has allocated stoves to the dealers in the Northeast. In some cases lead times for stoves which were ordered have been pushed into “pool” dates in the first and second quarters of 09. The company’s plan is to provide a limited but balanced flow of stoves into the Northeast and move these back ordered stoves into production as capacity becomes available.

As the Northeast Harman Factory Representative I can assure you that the company is doing everything possible to help speed up support for the Harman dealer network and Harman customers without compromising on product quality. The production ramp up is significant and will involve purchasing new lasers and bending equipment, hiring many more employees and working very closely with company suppliers throughout the remainder of this year and into the first half of 2009.

The fact is, even with the aggressive ramp-up in production which is underway, it will take a while to fill back orders and meet future demand. While it is easier said than done, I am asking all homeowners that have either purchased or placed deposits on Harman stoves to be patient. Every stove will be built.

The company has committed to communicate realistic delivery dates months in advance in order to help my Northeast dealers manage expectations. Right now the stoves that have been pushed into 2009 have not been assigned to specific manufacturing runs, but will be within a reasonable period of time. We will let your dealer know when your stove is scheduled to be built as soon as those dates are established and you can then plan accordingly.

I know that many homeowners are upset about these long lead times – frankly I would be too – but there is one thing I would like to say – Harman stoves are worth waiting for! Unlike some people who are in sales – I am a Harman stove user and I have over 30 years experience heating with wood and pellet stoves. I use my Harman stoves in the spring and fall and in the dead of winter at -30° F. Harman stoves work, they are easy to maintain and they are reliable. You will be living with your new stove for a long time so my advice is to please be patient. Harman stoves are the best made and best designed stoves on the market today----that’s why the demand has exceeded production.


Charlie Page
Northeast Harman Stove Representative

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